Desert Mountain
Properties of Desert Mountain
Available Homesites as of June 9, 2023
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  NON (24)
Largest 252,383 $2,750,000 2,012
Smallest 22,861 $399,000 11
Average 81,885 $1,012,479 354
  FGA (7)
  70,516 $5,900,000 394
  28,835 $700,000 8
  48,920 $2,210,000 260

Desert Mountain lies on sloping ground well above the valley floor, in and on a number of small mountains. As a result, there are several specific 'views' available. We have utilized a grading system of 0 to 5 as a way to conservatively estimate how good the long-term (i.e., after any nearby future construction is completed) view in a given direction or toward a given object will be. The grades are based on the expected view from a main floor of a future home, not a second story window or patio, or a rooftop observation deck. Every effort has been made to be conservative in these grade assessments, but a prospective purchaser should independently confirm these assessments for themselves. To see an example of what we feel is a Grade 5 view of a given object, click on the blue link for each named view.
Golf Course Lights East Mtn. West Mtn.
Northwest Mtn. North Mtn. McDowell Mtn. Lone Mtn
Water Sunset

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